Fixed Assets v11 release

Fixed Assets v11 release

FMIS Fixed Assets v11 release

The latest version of FMIS Fixed Assets software, v11, has now released. It brings with it significant improvements in many areas, especially for high volume users and those who want to see even more detailed reconciliation reports on their fixed assets at year end.

Many of our clients have already upgraded to the latest version free of charge, but if you are still running an older version, upgrading is normally quick and easy and most importantly free. For more information, or to request an upgrade to FMIS Fixed Assets v11, simply contact us using the form below or via the support page.

Not yet using FMIS Fixed Assets?

If you don’t currently use FMIS Fixed Assets software, you may be interested to know that we offer free upgrades to all our clients. Whenever we make an improvement, we offer it free to all our clients. To find out more about FMIS Fixed Assets, have a look at our product page or get in touch with us directly.

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