FMIS Field Service Management

Field Service Management

The Field Service Management portal is a smart client which allows you to collect data whilst offline, then upload to your head office databases when connectivity is available. You can now give your field engineers and operational personnel access to a local, fast application, which is easily synchronised when you are later connected to the internet.

Fully featured

Field Service Management allows you to do everything you can do in your head office workshops, warehouses, stores, maintenance labs, finance or sales departments whilst out in the field with your customer. You can produce all reports, letters and other templates there and then, without dependence on internet connectivity. For customers working in remote areas this system is invaluable, especially when certain key factors of finance, such as expenses and timesheets, cannot be accessed through a VPN.

From field to office – from office to field

The replication of data can be very selective and based on the user’s profile within HR, finance and job costing. You can restrict the data available offline to ensure that there is only access to what is needed to complete the daily tasks in the field. Field Service Management software allows the full functions of Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Equipment and Maintenance to be accessed immediately anywhere in the world via a local laptop.

  • Offline processing
  • Online, fast and highly encrypted synchronisation
  • Field team rosters
  • Field team timesheets
  • Extract to payroll (ADP)
  • Calculation of bonuses, allowances and overtime
  • Field expense forms
  • Sub-contractor performance and blanket purchase orders
  • Full performance management of field processing
  • Full head office reporting on margins and cost/revenue vs forecast
  • Purchasing
  • Quotes
  • Sales orders
  • Requisitions
  • Workflow dialogue with other field teams and head office
  • Maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • Health and safety
  • Links to HR systems such as HR.Net, allows recruitment and the creation of field teams for specific field project assignments
  • HR maintained certificates and licenses are made available to the field team
  • Provides a full team roster if required
  • Integrated travel and transfers
  • Provides full timesheet records with both daily and team views
  • Calculates allowances, advances, overtime and any bonuses as part of payroll extract
  • Customisable extracts to ADP/payroll systems
  • Posts time to finance systems such as Deltek Vision, requiring detailed timesheets
  • Produces journals for expected pay burden
  • Automatically creates expense forms within your finance system
  • Allows requisitions to be raised in the field for the shipping of central stock/equipment or supplies
  • Allows local purchasing to appear as commitment, subject to verification at head office
  • Sub-contractors and regular purchases can be treated as blanket with controlled periodic limits
  • Local goods receipt will be added to local inventory then synchronised with global inventory management
  • Head office goods receipt for local purchases can be transmitted and shipped to local inventory
  • Inspection reports collated and sent electronically
  • Maintenance of local equipment still subject to head office stipulations
  • Use of barcode scanner and digital pens to increase efficiency
  • Work order production as a means of control
  • Full customisable production and performance measures can be provided as tailored project input templates for field administration
  • Daily, weekly and periodic operational reporting provides a blend of performance indicators, plus time and expenses, for margin and KPI alerting
  • Alerting of any exceptions within a particular days activity
  • Easy version control and self-adapting updates for deployment
  • Global view of all performance