Enterprise Asset Management

FMIS Enterprise Asset Management system combines the functionality of our full range of software in one comprehensive package. This system provides complete control over every aspect of asset management, from fixed asset registers through to barcode tracking, lease accounting, equipment, maintenance and capital projects. All of our solutions are compliant with GAAP and IFRS as well as most internationally recognised standards.

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Key Features

  • Full control and visibility with a unified asset view across all departments including finance, IT and operations
  • Manage the full asset life cycle from acquisition through to maintenance, utilisation, tracking, leasing, depreciation, transfers and disposals
  • Improved cost and resource efficiency as well as improved utilisation through seamless integration between modules
  • Compliance with financial, health and safety and industry specific regulations

Fixed asset accounting

  • Complete visibility of asset status, history and location
  • Compliance with corporate governance requirements including local GAAP, IFRS, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Component Accounting and IAS
  • Record and forecast depreciation using any method
  • Track all transactions including full and partial disposals, transfers, revaluations, enhancements and splits

Equipment and Maintenance (CMMS)

  • Record and schedule both preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Full audit trail and equipment history
  • Integrated stock and inventory management options
  • Comprehensive built in reporting suite

Asset tracking

  • Barcode tracking integration for Fixed Assets and Equipment
  • Hand held scanning options for field and office use
  • Update and re-allocate assets in real time