Fixed asset management for Access Dimensions

Enhanced fixed asset management for Access Dimensions

FMIS has partnered with the Access Group to provide a range of advanced fixed asset management modules designed to integrate fully with your existing Access package. Our comprehensive Fixed Assets software enables full standards compliance and is part of a full enterprise asset management suite including Barcoding, Equipment, Maintenance and Leasing. FMIS have supported a worldwide client base for 30 years, covering most industry sectors.

Why integrate with FMIS?

Create assets from capital invoices

A key area of integration is the interface to pick up new capital invoices from Access Dimensions Accounts Payable and pull these into the FMIS Fixed Assets ‘In Tray’ as new assets. If late invoices are entered into Access after the import has been run then the same period can be imported again to bring through any additional lines added.

“We would highly recommend FMIS to any organisation looking for an enhanced fixed asset management solution to meet more complex needs, high volumes or unusual requirements.”

Tim Bennett
The Access Group
General ledger postings

FMIS Fixed Assets produces a full set of summarised journals at the end of each period in the exact format that Dimensions requires. This can then be posted back into Access Dimensions, saving any need for re-keying of data or re-formatting of spreadsheets.

Built in flexibility

Selection criteria includes Category 1, 2 and 3 code ranges and period ranges, to keep the interface as flexible as possible.

Standard coding throughout

FMIS ensures that standard code lists are available so that, for example, lists of suppliers and projects only need to be maintained in one place.

FMIS Fixed Asset Tracking Software

FMIS Fixed Assets

For more information about FMIS Fixed Assets, you can visit our solutions page or download the brochure. If you would like to view a tailored demo of the software you can request one here or call us directly on +44 (0) 1227 773003.

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Fixed asset management for Access Dimensions

Access integration guide

To find out more about how integrating with FMIS could really benefit your business, download the FMIS Access integration guide.

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